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15/July/2012 : The scene was perfectly set with heavy rains during aashada maasa and an early morning start to my favorite Mysore Road. This time the car was heading towards Meenakshipura with Navya’s cousins. As we had visited earlier in the year we were prepared this time with proper food and clothes to play in water. A total of 9 adults and 3 kids were ready by 6 and we were on road with our 1st pitstop @ kadambam for breakfast. Personally, its the best restaurant which serves authentic puliyogare, pongal (both sihi and khara). With our tummies recharged we started heading towards Meenakshipura. Its actually a  KRS backwater.Getting there is a big problem not that the path is difficult, the road is very good but the problem is very few people actually know about it. So if you need the actual map, ping me as its few of the places which is untouched and a quite place to hang out in water. The water over there is not deep with clay at the bottom. After an hour and half in water, it was time to open our packed spicy puliyogare’s. The next moment everyone were arranging mattresses for a small nap which was helped by dark clouds over our head, the cold breeze of the lake.  After a quick nap we started heading back to home with pitstops at Mandya for coffee break and Nandini ice creams on route. With rains welcoming us to bangalore, it was indeed a refresher for everyone.

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Lake Tahoe

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23 December 2012 :  Christmas weekend and I had a chance to be in Palo Alto US for couple of weeks and our plan was to head towards Tahoe and enjoy the snow.

Tahoe trip collage

So early morning at around 4 in the morning, myself and a couple from my office friends were on road to Boreal North of Tahoe. The plan was really simple, drive 210 miles to Tahoe, play in snow and come back the same day as all of us had to be in office on Monday. 50 miles from our destination bad luck hit us and the roads were blocked due to heavy snow and one of the guy near the gas station suggested us to head towards South of Tahoe and try our chances. So our new plan was to head to Sierra resort and the route was to take CA 49 and US 50. The CA 49 route was very scenic and narrow roads leading towards the mountains.  Nearing to tahoe we were greeted with white snow capped mountains, and slippery roads. It was my first drive in snow and I lost control quite a few times. That’s when we decided to put in chains to our tires and installing it was tricky at first but the second one was simpler. After driving in thick snow for 30 minutes we reached our resort and experience snow but there was one big problem – temperatures had reached -10 degrees and none of us had Gloves or caps or sunglasses and we were wearing just a jacket which was not thick enough to keep the cold out but the sheer sight of snow made us go out and play. After few hours in snow it was time to head back and that’s when we had the bad experience of snow. While removing the chain one of the hook got stuck behind the tire and we had to jack the car remove the tire and remove the chain. A big thanks to few guys who had parked right in front of us saw us struggling to remove the chain without any light as the sun had already set. They provided us with few torches and a tire jack tool. After quite a struggle as none of us had experience of removing the tires we finally managed to remove the chains and headed back to our hotel. All in a fun chilled trip.

Route : Mountain View → Sacramento→ Sierra → Back to hotel

Total trip distance : 600+ miles

Mode of transport – Corolla

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It had been a boring weekend till we explored a beautiful lake near Uttarahalli, Bangalore.

Article from Deccan Herald

Article from Deccan Herald

Well it all started with a small walk with my wife and we decided to take a new route and explore new roads around my house. Within 10 minutes into our walk we spotted a lake with a gate and few people were walking in and out. As soon as we stepped inside the gate we saw a big lake and wide walking track around the lake with benches in the sides. The water looked very clean and there were few work going on the other side in cleaning the lake. I just did a quick background check and found out that the lake was a smelly waste dumping area just a year ago with local sewage water being dumped in all the directions. In a year, the lake has been transformed and all the sewage waters are redirected to a small place where water is getting recycled and dumped into the lake.

Youtube URL of the lake :

PS : Please do not put plastics or dirty this place. Govt has spent 5 crores to clean the lake!!

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Nokia BH 505

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Nokia BH 505 a masterpiece of simplicity, design, clarity and usability. I have been using it for couple of days and it has got me addicted to it. Here are some the plus points of my latest purchase.

  • Design – Neat, lightweight and rests comfortably around the neck. High quality built and finish.
  • The boxed product comes with a variety of ear pieces and most of them fits perfectly.
  • The sound is great and pairing to any Bluetooth devices is as easy as click of a button.
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Our planned trip after a long time and a luxurious one too. The plan was simple, get to a nice resort near beach side spend some quite time together. Thanks to Saurabh who recommended Dunes resort in Pondicherry. It’s a treat and worth the money. Oh yeah the occasion was our 2nd anniversary of our married life!! The resort was a pleasant place and the villa surrounded by garden and a walk able distance of private beach made it more special. We spent 2 good days in dunes and few visits to city. The only thing I remember of the city was a huge “Ramraj” showroom. All the special cliques as my hard disk has crashed. Just hoping that I would have copied onto my backup hard drive or DVD’s. If i find some will post some the pics.. Guys if you are planning for a good time do not miss this.. 🙂

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Dream A Dream

October 11, 2011 2 comments

11-Oct-2011 : Today was an interesting day and will be one of the most cherished moments of my life. Our company had invited 30 gifted children from Center for Social Action, Christ College (CSA) a part of Dream A Dream ( organization.  Our whole IT team had organized a Potluck lunch and Color A Tshirt event for these kids. The whole exercise was to get know these kids, understand them and make them realize their dreams. So by 12:15 we saw a stream of kids with enthusiasm enter our office floor and headed towards Pantry where we had arranged a variety of lunch and served them. The naughty ones opened up very quickly and asked for more sweets and food while the rest enjoyed their lunch. Next up the volunteers from Dream a Dream and CSA showed us a 10 minute video clip describing about their voluntary work and their involvement with the kids for a brighter future. Then we had to pair up with a kid and do a quick round of introduction and then get involved in painting a TREE of their dreams. I got a chance to know a silent 10 year old kid “Deepa” who had a very clear dream of becoming a teacher and helping kids learn the basics. She also had a dream of owning a “Scooty” by her own earnings and teach dance in her spare time. I was rather dumb stuck for a minute on the stuffs she had planned for life. Believe me if you had asked the same question when I was 10, I would have said playing cricket/football after school. I had never thought of becoming a software engineer at the age of 10. To incorporate all her dreams in the form of TREE, she wrote her parents, sister and brothers names as the root, she portrayed herself as the trunk of the tree and the leaves were the dreams. It was quite a painting she had done in an hour. By the end of the day all the kids had their painting done with the help of their volunteers and portrayed them. Some of their ideas were so bright, brilliant and innovative. One of the kid wanted to join military and serve our country so he drew a military man holding a gun on top as the trunk of the tree and Sun on the top explaining the sun rays (blessings of his wellbeing) as the power to achieve his dream. Another kid had drawn a tree and below it had a building with a banner “Welcome to Bharath’s Clinic”. There were some brilliant paintings and ideas which were shared by the kids. Hope these kids remember this day and achieve their dreams. A small help from our side would make someone happy then I would certainly be a part of this and want to do more. This quote by Winston Churchill ends a perfect day.
We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”- Winston Churchill

Cyanogenmod on Desire HD

September 26, 2011 6 comments

Its been almost 10 months since I got my hands on HTC Desire HD phone and had got a decent update to 2.3 from HTC site. But the only issue was the battery hogging HTC Sense and apps like stocks, weather eating my battery and 3G data. Who cares about the weather in bangalore? Just go out and enjoy the sun / rains..

Ok coming back to rooting the phone..  It just took me few google searches to decide the best custom rom in android market was cyanogenmod. For more info of custom roms visit –  To install the custom rom’s you need root access to your phone. HTC provides boot loader for certain phones ( but I was not going to wait for them to release for my desire HD. So decided to take a risk, void my warranty and go ahead with unlocking the phone.

Warning: Please note you are doing this at your own risk! There is a high chance that this might damage your device, or make it inoperable.


What you need :

Firstly is to create a GoldCard SD card. By doing so you wont be getting the “CID Incorrect” error message while unlocking in the next step.


  1. Go to android market and search for GoldCard Helper and install it on your phone.
  2. Run the app and note down Card:mmc2, Reverse CID’ value, making sure to use mmc2 and not mmc1.
  3. Go to site and paste your reverse CID number along with your personal mail address.
  4. Check you mailbox and download the goldcard image to your computer.
  5. Launch HxD hex editor on your computer by right-clicking it and clicking ‘Run as Administrator’.
  6. Mount your SD card to your computer, using your phone.
  7. Go to ‘Extra’ menu > ‘Open Disk’.
  8. Select Removable Disk (which should be your SD card) under Physical Disk (and NOT logical disk), uncheck ‘Open as Readonly’ and click OK.
  9. Go to the ‘Extra’ > ‘Open Disk Image’ and open the goldcard image downloaded in Step 5.
  10. Select ’512 (Hard disks/Floppy disks)’ as the sector size when prompted and click ‘OK’.
  11. In the goldcard image tab, go to ‘Edit’ > ‘Select All’ and then ‘Edit’ >’Copy’.
  12. In the ‘Removable Disk’ tab, highlight offset (line) 00000000 to offset (line) 00000170 including the 00000170 line and go to  ’Edit’ menu > ‘Paste Write’.
  13. Click ‘File’ > ‘Save’ and accept any warning that you get.

Now that your SD card is ready for downgrading. Follow the procedure to downgrade to 1.32

  • Download the attached file from here (right click to save file as) <Downgrade folder>
  • Extract the file to reveal a downgrade folder and copy it onto your C drive
  • Download this file stock 1.32
  • Connect Desire HD to a computer. Charge only, USB Debugging enabled!
  • Open Command prompt and navigate to the downgrade folder
  • If you placed the downgrade folder in your c: drive type in cd/Downgrade
  • It should show C:\Downgrade>
  • Carefully type in the following commands one by one

adb push psneuter /data/local/tmp

adb push misc_version /data/local/tmp

adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/psneuter

adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/misc_version

adb shell /data/local/tmp/psneuter

adb shell

NOTE: You should have the “#” sign instead of the “$”. If you do, you have temporary root, and can continue on.

/data/local/tmp/misc_version -s 1.31.405.3

If you did not get root access then follow these commands :

adb push misc_version /data/local/tmp

adb push fre3vo /data/local/tmp

adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/fre3vo

adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/misc_version

adb shell

./data/local/tmp/fre3vo -debug -start FBB00000 -end FFFFFFFF

cd /data/local/tmp

./misc_version -s 1.31.405.6

  • Copy to your SD card.  Don’t extract it and don’t rename the ZIP file.
  • On the computer, open terminal and run the following command:.

adb reboot bootloader

  • Use Volume up/down keys on the HTC Desire HD for navigation and Power key for confirmation. Select Fastboot to flash the 1.32.405.6 firmware.

Wait now till the downgrade is complete. Next step is to unlock the phone and gain root access. To root the phone we need visionary software and it is placed in the downgrade folder. File : com.modaco.visionaryplus.r14.apk. Copy this file onto your phone and run this apk file using File Manager or any software of your choice which can run apk files. Once the visionary is running follow these steps :

  • Check “Set system r/w after root”
  • click Temproot now wait patiently till it finishes.
  • once you have successfully Temprooted
  • Click PermRoot the device and wait for it to restart the Device.

Once you are done you have root access to your phone. The next step is to S-off the device.

  • Open the the Desire hd radio tool.
  • Select Radio S-Off and run it!!

Now you have an android 2.2 build 2.32 phone with root access which is ready for installation of custom roms 🙂

Installing CyanogenMod (copied from cyanogens mode site)

  •  Download the latest version of CyanogenMod.
  •  Optional: Download the Google Apps for the device.
  •  Place the CyanogenMod file on the root of the SD card.
  •  Optional: Place the Google Apps .zip on the root of the SD card also.
  •  Boot into the ClockworkMod Recovery using visionary tool.
  • Once the device boots into the ClockworkMod Recovery, use the side volume buttons to move around.
  • Optional: Select backup and restore to create a backup of current installation
  • Select the option to Wipe data/factory reset.
  • Select the option to Wipe cache partition.
  • Select Install zip from sdcard.
  • Select Choose zip from sdcard.
  • Select the CyanogenMod
    • Optional: Install the Google Apps by performing steps 7 – 9 again and choosing the Google Apps
  • Once the installation has finished, select +++++Go Back+++++ to get back to the main menu, and select the Reboot system now option. The HTC Desire HD should now boot into CyanogenMod.

Enjoy the new features for cyonogenmod and complete access of your phone. 🙂

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