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Well getting a laptop is not just enuff.. With trojans and virus floating around internet, you are never safe.. I had to secure this laptop and was in a dilemma in selecting antivirus.. NOD 32 which i had used for 4 years or McAfee? I had no intention of buying one, so started searching thru torrents for either of virus.. Surprisingly there were many seeders and leaches for both. So decided to download both. After downloading, installed my personal favorite NOD 32 but there was only one issue, the subscription lasted only for 60 days.. I tried tweaking thru registry but i guess NOD guys had learnt their lessons and changed in their upgraded versions. So decided to remove it and install McAfee. It took its sweet time to install and with 1 year subscirption i was pretty much happy with the antivirus. Guess next year ill change it back to NOD32 and by then hopefully ill find a way to crack it like before..

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