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HP Recovery Disc..

I was amazed by the softwares that HP had pre-installed and given. Well some of them were useless and i removed it to save harddisk space.. One thing which caught my eye was the RECOVERY DISC creation.. The installation flash said it all.. Recovery disc which will install os if there is any issues. Decided to myself why not create a disc and keep it. I am sure someday it will come handy and decided to continue with it.. After the initial checks the data to be burnt came around 11GB..Though it did not say that but it gave me a warning saying have 5 DVD’s or 20 CD’s in hand before starting the process. Well the instruction clearly said it can be done only once and it should not be stopped in between. With 5 DVD’s in hand and a power plug connected so that the writing does not mess up i started the burning.. After an hour the process was completed with 3 DVD’s.. I was pretty much impressed with HP.. Guys out there if you a HP machine do the recovery disc and keep it.. You never know which idiot will mail you virus and your system will be screwed..

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