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Guess a long waited change for a phone has ended.It has been more than 2 years when i decided to change my phone as it was giving all sorts of problems, but somehow did not get any good reasons or any good phone to change it. Sony W750i is the best phone i have ever had. It still works great but it really looks beaten up badly. Its is certainly in bad shape. Countless times its fallen from my hand, dropped from my bed, soaked in rain and the list continues.
Coming to US and collecting my 1st laptop and a psp did finally push me to look out for iphone. Though initially i was not that interested in finding one but i got a nice deal which i just could not resist. It had all the features i was looking out for a reasonable price. I did a quick conversion to INR and it certainly came below my budget of what i had in my mind. So thinking no more i asked my wife and got a GREEN signal. Bang next day i had a iphone in my hand.
Hopefully this is the end of my shopping spree. I need to put my brakes and think about next big thing i want in life.. Keep watching this space.

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