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Christmas was coming and a long weekend for IT guys.. Guess all the hotspots in and around bangalore was overbooked and overpriced.. Staying at home for 4 days and not doing anything.. Naa.. we decided to visit Mangalore.. Navya’s friend Sudhir was from Mangalore and he got the hotel booked for us and he decided to travel with us. We boarded to mysore around 8.15 and that bus went a round about to reach Mangalore, Instead of reaching there by 7 we had it delayed to 10. reached TAJ hotel, though not the as majestic as TAJ but a decent one. We checked in had a nice breakfast, and Sudhir was in our hotel at 11 to show around Mangalore. Even though it was december the temperature was burning at 30 to 36 degrees.
Visited few temples. Next stop was sudhir’s sweet home where his mom had prepared delicous manglore specials. There were so many varieties and i could not taste all.. (sry dude)
After a heavy lunch we headed towards Tannirbhavi.
took a ferry ride to reach the shore of beach. It was exciting as for the 1st time i saw a jelly fish / squid. dont know what it was.
Seing beach, you did not have to invite navya to jump in 1st, she was there before i could remove my shoes.. Played till sunset, watched sun dive into ocean and then moved back to hotel. On our way back we Mr Nayak told he will give us a ice cream treat. Me and navya had 2 huge ice creams and it was the best i have had till now.. Yummm..
2nd day we hired a cab and headed towards kudermukh, there was greenery, dry lands and beautiful lakes. wow. you have not visited be there 1st. you dont have any idea on what you are missing.
3rd day me and navya headed towards udupi on a local private bus which drives as though he is the master of road. Overtaking on wrong way, braking as though its a F1 car. within no time we had reached udupi.. Stood in the long queue to visit Lord Krishna. though off late it has become more commercial i personally like the temple and the idol. Came back to mangalore packed our bags and before leaving mangalore went again to have those yumm ice creams.. (Sorry Mr Nayak forgot the ice cream shop name)

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