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Mysore Bike trip.

10th October 2008, after a 2 days of planning which never went the way we planned, me, my wife along with lokesh started the bike ride at 6.30 in the morning (planned 6) to Mysore around 180 kms from my home. Navya woke me up at 5:30 in the morning all excited about the bike trip and yup we were ready by 6. Called loki and asked are you ready and the reply was – “Give me 15 minutes i just got UP!!!”. 6:30 started the ride towards mysore and surprisingly the MYSORE Road was empty.. (Dumbo what do you expect on a Friday morning?? ) We drove for about half an hour and we had crossed bidadi,. Breakfast !! i shouted to loki and we stopped.. deciding not eat oil that day chomped on few idlis and off.

After driving for about 1 and half hours at a speed of 90 – 100 we reached srirangapatna.. Took a deviation towards ranganathittu.

After clicking few more pics we started off our journey towards Balmuri falls.. Surprise Surprise the place where we expected a lot of people had very few. Guess today was a lucky day and we headed towards Mysore Palace. Whew what a hot day it was.. Finally after reaching the palace, i almost fainted seing the queue in Mysore Palace, decided to skip it and head towards Chamundi betta.. Guess our luck had ran out in Balmuri falls,, more people everywhere. Again decided not to stand in that long queue, went around the temple and then started back down the mini HILL i would say. (Expect to be a ghat.. u will be disappointed..)

After reaching the bottom, off we reached shilpa home, Her dad is a very good craftsmen.. I was dumbstuck seing his art. Definetly will buy atleast one piece from him once i have a home of my own. It was around 5 that we decided to leave Mysore and reach bangalore by 8 atleast.. Hmm having reached srirangapatna navya asked me can we go to SANGAMA.. Sure why not was the reply.. the sunset was mesmarizing.

At around 6 i guess we started our way back to bangalore thinking we will reach home before 9 and sleep peacefully..
Remember the BADLUcK!! it stuck again.. Reaching Mandya heavens opened and it started raining like crazy.. We had to stand in a petrol bunk untill the rain stopped. Finally it stopped and the time on my watch said 8:15. Hmm thought to myself its gonna be a long drive back home..
Started driving cautiously at speeds max of 80 with cars zipping besides us we reached Ramnagaram at 9:45 we decided to have nice dinner atleast. Stopped at KAMATH. After a nice dinner started the last sprint towards bangalore and loki was speeding like crazy. Could not keep the pace with him.. Reached our home around 11. Said bye to Loki, walked towards the room with hand on our back.. Wow wat a day.. around 500 km, non stop driving, hot sun, heavy rain, navya beside me, it was dream day.
Loki bhai.. can we have one more trip like this, maybe we can pull more ppl..

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  1. padma
    November 12, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    hey by seeing ur blog feel like i missed out 🙂 an amazing drive

    when u plan next time dnt forget to call me ok na?

  2. kusum
    April 30, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    Nice and informative blog. Me and my sister are also planning to visit chamundi hills from mysore on our kinetic honda. It’s something we would like to explore ourselves. I was wondering if the ride was safe along ghat roads; Did you switch off the engine while going downhill? Just need some tips and wondering if there are many female riders on the there? Thanks.

    • Bhavish
      June 27, 2013 at 4:56 am

      Its safe to drive in Chamundi hills and I would not recommend to switch off your engines while driving downhill. Driving in First gear is always advised as you have engine brakes on and not overheating your brakes. Be very careful as to not overheat your brakes. Chamundi hills should be fine but I do have a horrible experience in overheating my brakes. I had to spend 1 hour in the dark just to cool my brakes for me to drive any further.

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