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Its been more than a week now and i was daily cycling my way to office.. But there was something missing.. The distance travelled, the speed @ which i was going.. All i was doing was just monitor my time.. Guess i dont wait too much and i dont want to be in void for a longer time.. Got myself a wireless odometer.. dB4LW.. Its got total distance covered, trip meter, average speed, max speed, time and kmph.. Well this is what i was looking for.. Installation was quite easy as it just few stips to mount and a sensor to attach. After few tries and few adjustments to the sensors the odometer started.. Today was the real test of my odometer.. Started my morning early and hit my usual uttarahalli road.. The speed shown was encouraging me to go faster.. Well in one of the slopes i touched 42 kmph..
Total distance – 8.52 km ( Home to Office)
Average Speed – 19kmph (:o))

Was happily seing all the reading and then i kept my cell near it.. To my surprise the device started running and messed up my data.. 😦 Got to know that i should keep away from any electronic and magentic devices.. YuK!!! I need to safegaurd this to keep my data safe.. What a headache..

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