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Its been an eventful year after marriage. So me and navya decided to take a break and enjoy few days silently and in peace. I was going thru few holiday resorts near Bangalore and it finally got down to 2 places. Masinagudi and Yerkad. Both were within 300 km range and we could drive our self. Finally we got our reservations done on Masinagudi..

8th August : 6.30 – We left our house to Masinagudi, thinking it would have less traffic on Mysore road. But mysore road traffic never beats the heat. On route stopped @ lokaruchi for breakfast.. Had yummy neeru dose, kotte idli and very nice tea.. The road ahead was full of fun and non stop laughter. Cant forget the song ” KEMPU ROJADA MUKADAVALE.. kENDA SAMPIGE sIRIAVALA..”.. After a few hours of drive thought to myself about taking a break and enjoy the sunflower gardens (naturally planted.. not like the ones in lalbagh :)) .. Took few snaps and continued our way towards Bandipur.. Well i was hoping of more of a forest area on route but it turned out to be plantation till the border of Bandipur forest area.. We entered the bandipur forest range around 12 in the afternoon expecting to see atleast a deer or a monkey.. But not even a dog was @ site. Well all animals must have taken a nice nap :)..
Entering Tamil Nadu we saw all Jelabis written on the boards and black faced monkeys scratching their backs and sitting in middle of the roads.. One thing written in english was ” No Photography, No Picnic, No Feeding animals” all along the roads which i thought was sensible.. But why no Photography.. Later learnt from our hotel owner that taking snaps is a punishable offence. 😦
After a short break we decided to go on a ride and look around.. On route was lucky enuff to see some wild elephants, few peacocks and one just crossed us in front. Took few snaps and came back to hotel. We got ourself a basketball and played for few minutes. Never thought to myself that my 1st shot would go inside.. 🙂

9th August
We both got up early and went on a hike inside jungle with a guide. Though did not find any wild animals but found few deer’s. After a long hike we decided to take rest till evening. In the evening we started towards ooty. It had 36 hair pin bends and my first time in ghats in a car. After few nervous turns i got used to it. With 6 hairpins to go, it started to rain and it started becoming dark, Chey wat a bad luck and we both decided not to take any risk but to head back hotel and go to OOTy the next day. Headed back to hotel got ourself comfy in front of a campfire.

10th August
Early morning we decide to leave, checked out the resort, and headed our way to ooty. It was a nice ride till the top. In ooty decided to have breakfast in a nice hotel. Though navya was intending some hotel but we got another one. There Dosa with 4 different types of chutneys were served. It tasted so good after 2 days of horrible food. 🙂
Went around OOTy a bit and then decided to head back home. It was surely gonna be a long drive back home. Around 300km atleast. It was a nice drive with speeds constantly hovering around 100kmph till i reached Mandya. The traffic started from there. We just breaked only once for lunch and it was a non stop driving. Finally reached home 6:45. Took a nice shower and started too edit the photos.. Will upload it once i have it in picassa.

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