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I was deep in sleep and my wife woke me and told me why not go for a long drive. So got freshened up, decided to leave towards Kanakpura road. After a few kilometres my wife asked for a drive, so i gave the car to her, she was looking a bit rusty as she had not driven for quite a while. She was driving fine on kanakpura road but i asked her for drive. I was really getting scared actually.. 🙂 After driving for few minutes on kanakpura road we saw Mekedatu was just 54 kilometer. We both decided why not go there. So we headed towards mekedatu with half tank in the car, and warnings from my wife that the roads are so bad.. Well it was nice but not the best, until the last stretch. The road leading to mekedatu was bad. We entered and saw Arkavathi nadi flowing in full flow and in bright red colour. We could not cross the river to reach the spot, forget the crossing we could not even play in the water. Disappointed we headed back home.. It was 2 in the afternoon when we came back, so headed directly to ICE CAFE and got ourself paronthas and ice cream…

What a sunday its been, a nice drive, Govinda’s Hasina Maan jayegi, and Manchester United winning the derby match (4-3) with owen scoring in the last minute.. Wow.. Tomorrow’s ramzan and i have a long day of work.. 😦

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