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Long drive on a sunday 081109..

Sundayz are lazy.. Well for some of us it is not.. Certainly not us.. Sundays are for exploring in and around the city.. we left around 10 in the morning towards Ramnagara on Mysore road.. 1st stuff breakfast, took a halt on Kamaths had poori, neeru dose and idli. While going we saw a road which connects to Kanakpura.. I told my wife why not we take that route, head to kanakpura and go back. Not sure on how the road would be we headed towards that direction and non stop rains, it was a risk but never mind was the call. Just after the Ramnagara bus stop and a few 200 mts from the circle took the left turn and the board said 23km to Kanakpura.. The road was pretty nice and quite scenic. En-route we saw a pond full of lotus looming. It was a sight to see. @ that pitstop my wife asked for a drive. I told her u drive and i wont comment anything. So to keep myself distracted i was clicking some snaps, trying different modes.. She drove pretty well.. I was impressed. Touched 80 i guess on small roads.. GUBE mari,.. She told me that she was not driving on kanakapura road.. I took over with 3 km to go. Till then the road was pretty decent and wide enuf.. The road started to narrow and there was just one car to go by for a stretch of 1 km.. That’s fine. We reached a dead end and no where to turn except left we headed left. After 100mts we asked direction for kanakapura and a guy told to take go ahead and take right in sign language.. You shud keep concentrating on the hands rather than what they say. Hands speak more than words.. 🙂 Following the direction bingo we hit kanakapura.. Surprisingly the road towards bangalore was totally empty with few cars zipping by. May be the rains and india loosing to australia got all the traffic staring @ the stupid box. Reached home after a nice long drive in the rain. Total kilometres that day – 132 km. Yeah in the evening went some were else also otherwise it would be around 70 – 80.

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