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Had been on a cycle after a week and gone to my parents place.. was a bit tired after riding for 10 km on hot sun.. It was nice bt then tragedy struck while coming back.. An auto overtook me and touched me slightly and i lost my balance and in a second i was down and my cycle on me.. Was happy that it was just a scratch so decided to ride back home.. Rode back 10 km wit pain shooting in my left hand.. Once i reached home my wife saw the injury and shouted @ me saying cant u take an auto nd cme bck?? I jst smiled back @ her.. I decided to take rest and after an hour my hand started to swell.. My wife got scared and took me to a doc.. The doc gave me a tetvac and told me get an xray done to see if there are any broken bones.. after the gettin the xray done we got an idea dat no bones are broken bt yet to get it confirmed from doc.. As of now just relaxing on the sofa and typing this with kadri gopalnath flute playing in the background.. Still cant feel anythin on my left hand and the movements are also restricted.. man its tough to type using one hand… 🙂

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