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Removed my cast 3 days back and my hand was a bit stiff, that did not slow me down to start a trip. It was more than 5 weeks since we had gone anywhere or freak out..  10/01/10 :Slow start to a trip @ 9. 1st was to have some breakfast, destination ICE Café. My wife ordered one MD and i had a vada and Karabath.. After that we started towards shravanabelagola and with tank full and i had no intention of stopping anywhere on way. Our route was to go thru kengeri – Nice road – kanakpura road – hasan route.  I just wanted to reach 100kmph and was eagerly waiting for the nice road. Once on it, i clocked 100 consistently thinking that i might not get another chance again with max of  130.. Guess i was wrong. Kanakpura road was as usual busy, but not much of a traffic. Once i reached hasan junction took a left and saw that the road was under construction. Shey.. wat a bad luck.. After few kilometers i found out that the road on one side was done properly, so we had to wobble around, but the road was quite empty and smooth. I could easily touch 100 and we were in kunigal before 12. I was hungry and told navya why not we stop here fr lunch. We stopped near the bus stand and there was a green building called RamyaShree hotel. We went in and ordered our lunch.. The bill came and when i went to the cash counter to pay the bill, there was a cute girl sitting in the chair and accepting cash. Bill was 43 and i paid 100. After 5 minutes of calculations in her calculator she returned me 43.. I just laughed @ her and told the exact amount to pay back.. After the lunch we started towards shravanabelagola. We reached there about 2 and sun out. We thought the rock would be hot and was thinking how would be climb up without any footwear. Our climbed started and the rock was not so hot. After 100 steps of climbing we took a break and saw back, it was like just few meters we have climbed. After 300 steps we took rest and cliqued few snaps. Trying out different modes with my sweetie smiling and her face fully red.. 🙂 After 630 steps we lost the count and we were giving out our best looks for the photo shots. Reaching the top, i saw the 57 feet monolithic statue of the Bhagavan Gomateshwara Bahubali. The statue is amazing unlike many other tall statue the aspect ratio and the carvings are so perfect. Well you should see to believe it. We just sat there for half an hour and stared at the statue. We started our journey back and was also thinking how the kanakpura road be. We hit the road @ 5pm and it was not so much crowded.. Our good luck stayed with us all thru our journey. Reached home @ 6:40 and total kilometers covered that day – 311.5

The trip meter is still running to check my mileage. Guess i should not consider this.. I was constantly in the high 80s all the trip.. 🙂

Where to head next.. Any ideas??

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