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Chunchanakatte falls

26th Jan 2010

Got up  early @ 5:30 so that we can leave early and avoid traffic on kengeri. We left our house @ 7 and was lucky enuf to avoid major traffic near kengeri.. Within an hour we had reached Kamat lokaruchi hotel near ramnagar and we decided to have a good breakfast. My wife and myself ordered the same menu – Idli and neeru dose.. After that we started heading towards Mysore, i had a feeling that my car was pulling towards left, i felt like a puncher on my left front wheel. We stopped and i was able to see a screw on my left wheel but the air on the wheel looked normal. So we decided to stop @ the next puncher repair shop and get it fixed but the guy told sir tubeless tires i wont be able to do it Go to Maddur and check it and Maddur was  16 km. We decided to go slowly with speeds of just touching 60. We reached Maddur and stopped @ the 1st shop, he removed the wheel and the screw. It was a very small one and had not pierced the tyre. It was stuck in the groove. No puncher sir he said and verified the tyre pressure and we  headed towards our destination. The mysore road was surprisingly empty and i was speeding @ 100 constantly. We knew that we had to reach KR Nagar and on just entering Mysore we saw a sign turn right for KR Nagar. That was the outer ring road of mysore. The road till KRNagar was too good i would say. Nice smooth 4 lane roads and quite empty too. 🙂 On reaching KR Nagar we enquired the route to chunchanakatte and an elderly person sitting on a katte (Stone near roadside) guided as saying go straight 14 kilometers and take right about turn. 🙂 “Right about Turn” what he meant was you will get a circle on reaching chunchunakatte take a u-turn and towards left is ur destination.. We reached there around 11. 1st we decided to go to the Rama temple on the banks of the waterfall. The temple is totally soundproof and its said to be calm when the nearby falls is roaring. For history check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chunchanakatte_Falls. The falls was not in full roar and we reached the top of the falls. It was quite empty and we decided to get our feet wet. Then we headed downstream and found a nice place where 2 other families were having fun. We started playing in water got totally wet. The rocks below were quite slippery so we decided not to go further. After few cliques,we were getting dried or sunbathing to get tanned (or black) :). The other families were having nice lunch. Seeing them we both got hungry 😦 and we had kept all our foods in the car. Had to wait till we get dried. We munched up few bread slices and chips and headed towards Bangalore. Stopped @ Mandya for lunch and we were back in home by 6.

  • Route : Uttarahalli → Kengeri  → Ramnagar → Mandya → Mysore Outer Ring Road (turn right) → Head towards KR Nagar → Chunchanakatte (Right about turn)
  • Total trip distance – 378.5 km
  • Top Speed – 140 kmph
  • Mode of  transport – Swift
  • Excellent roads all the way except for few patchy ones while reaching Chunchanakatte.

Will try and post few photos once i get some time and provide the links.

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  1. August 13, 2010 at 6:14 am

    I was looking for the route.. thank you for putting it up.. we’re going there tomorrow! I hope the waterfalls won’t be a let down!

  2. January 3, 2013 at 11:50 am

    Your blog is informative, but upload some pics, it will make it more attractive.

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