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Iphone to W595

February 22, 2010 2 comments

After a year of using Iphone i was literally fed up with the phone. You need to be too careful with the phone like a costly glass vase in your hand.. Its just not for me.. The touch goes for a toss if you get it in touch with water(got drenched in rain), the battery is so horrible, huge in size and syncing with itunes – you need to be crazy to keep the same set of data in different machines before you sync. Are you CRAZY!!

Its got its own advantages but for me not worth the trouble. So i decided to get rid of the weed and got a very nice deal. Maybe Bangalore guys are still excited with the phone.

I have got back to my sony walkman series and its a nice small phone. Hope its not so delicate as iphone.. Reviews after a week of usage.. 🙂

BYE iphone.. May your chip rest in peace or irritate the new owner.. 🙂

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