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28th Feb 2010

Sunday morning @ 7 me and my wife decided to head towards Melkote. Picked on my laptop and found the route was to head towards right after Mandya. I quickly called my mom (sadness hangover still visible in her voice that my sister had gone to Pune for work). So deviate her mind i told join us and lets visit some temples. She came with us and by 10 we on road towards Mandya. There are multiple routes to reach there and the simpler one is to head straight on Mysore Road and @ the exit of Mandya, take a right turn and drive for 35km straight. The roads are very nice and scenic too. On reaching melkote we headed towards Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple, the temple is very clean and full of artistic carvings on the pillars.  Some of the pillars had  outstanding works carved on it. Totally amazed.. After seeing in amusement for about half an hour we came out hungry and just besides the temple, Puliyogare were getting sold. We tasted it and it was really yummy. Took some ‘puliyogare’, ‘seehi pongal’ and ‘ mosaru anna’ from shop and started munching on them. Well that was our lunch.. it was tasty and nice.. Next we headed towards Yoga-Narasimha Swamy Temple which was on a hill. The climb would be around 300 steep steps or drive your car half way and park it and climb 150 steep steps.. We decided for the later as the sun was just on top of our head and the rock was like charcoal on fire. Next time I am carrying a spare socks to avoid feet burns while climbing the mountain bare feet. The temple was calm and simple. Next was to climb down to kalyani pond. The pond was very huge and there were many people swimming there. To reach from one end to other you will need a lot of stamina. We just sat on there and took some rest after the climb up and down 🙂 .. Well if you have seen ‘Gaalipata’ movie, the pond is shown in the ‘Nadheem dheem tana’ song sequence. After few cliques there we headed towards ‘Akka Thangi KoLe’. The history there is 2 sisters started digging and ‘akka‘ was not interested in digging, hence on of the pond came out with lush green water and the ‘thangi’ kole came with pure water. Well now both the ponds are green. 🙂 There were few fishes in both the ponds and we even saw a snake coming out of ‘Akka’ pond. 🙂 A very small snake though.. After a break sitting in a shade we decided to head home and mysore road was as usual busy with sunday traffic. On our way back, there was a tree fallen (or chopped) on the road and was fully blocked. I just decided to drive behind a KSRTC bus and it turned out to be the fastest way out of that mess.. By 5 i dropped my mom to chandralayout and we headed back to uttarahalli to get some rest.

  • Route : Uttarahalli → Chandralayout (can be avoided) → Kengeri  → Ramnagar → Mandya → Right turn and drive around 35km for Melkote.
  • Total trip distance – 302 km
  • Top Speed – 110kmph (Mom staring @ my speed and commenting)
  • Mode of  transport – Swift
  • Excellent roads all the way.

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  1. pavan dasa
    October 11, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    looks like u have taken some good photos of the place. can u pl share for my use?

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