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Bike & Car servicing reviews.

It had been a year since i serviced my bike and 6 months for my car. I would blame my cycle for the delay on bike, as i had not been biking too much and the battery had gone dead 3 months back. So yesterday took off from office and decided to give my bike and car for a service. I was not thinking of going to bajaj showroom as they had done crapy work the last time, so i headed towards thyagrajnagar where my friend had got his bike serviced and it was really a nice work. So i went there and gave him my bike. He told that the battery is dead, a problem in the chain sprocket and my clutch was too tight. I guess he had a good knowledge on the bike and was explaining me each and every details of the problem and how it needs to be fixed. With full confidence i gave my bike to him and he would return it to me the next day. Today i picked up my bike which was shining like a showroom one and the drive to office was smooth. The clutch was too soft, need to get adjusted to it and the brakes too.  The bike is running too good and i guess no cycle for this week atleast. 🙂

Rating : 9 out of  10

Coming back to the car, it was my 3rd free service and i left it in Kalyani motors. The guy took the car and told me that by 6 in the evening it will be ready. By 5:30 in the evening i get a call from them to pick my car. I reach there in 20 minutes and find out that they have not billed my servicing. Had to wait for the guy who picked my car to come and do the billing process. After good 20 minutes he shows the bill and to my surprise it was 1000 odd. Why the hell they call it as free service when they charge so much. He explains that engine oil and service charges does not come under it and needs to be charged. The only free thing is WASHING..  Next was the billing stuff, i told that i am paying by card and he tells wait for another 15 minutes as the billing needs to be changed if its card. UH!!! how does it matter? After paying the amount, i was given a form to fill where he was standing next to me and telling me to give him a good feedback. The work on the car was not so good as it was on my bike and has made me thinking should i give it to him again or try out other options. Things to check 1.Mileage – Has he done anything to tweak the tuning of engine to increase my mileage(He claims its done). 2.Hope the sound on my left wheel is gone when i take my car onto ghat sections.

Rating : 6 out of  10

By 6:45 i was out of Kalyani motors and onto busy traffic with heavens opening up and rains pouring down, the cleaned swift again became dirty. I need to wash it on the weekend again. 😦

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  1. anup
    June 21, 2010 at 4:46 am

    I Was searching for bike servicing on google and it redirected me to ur blog.. Nice blog post Bhavish .. Keep it up .. 🙂

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