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July 18, 2010

Our destination for the weekend trip was Hosaholalu, a small village near KrishnaRajPet (KRPet), Mysore. Hosaholalu has a hoysala temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Its one of the nicely preserved hoysala temples i’ve seen till date. The walls of the temple are carved with ancient stories and some of the carvings are too real to see.

I decided to pick my mom and sister who had come from pune, so it was a good idea for a small outing.By 9 we were on mysore road heading towards KRPet. On reaching Srirangapatna entrance you need to take a deviation towards right and head towards KRPet. The road leading to Hosaholalu is kinda nice to drive with lot of curves and smooth roads with greenery on both sides. We reached the temple by 11:25 and being a historical monument i was expecting lot of food stalls and plastics all over but was really surprised to see it very clean and well maintained. We spent an hour in the temple looking at all the carvings done on the walls. Cliqued few snaps and was trying with manual mode. Though many of the pics did not come as i expected but was satisfied. By 12.40 we started from there and our lunch pitstop was @ mandya’s Shri haripriya hotel. Had full meals and we were in bangalore by 5.

  • Route : Uttarahalli → Chandralayout → Mysore Road → Srirangapatna → Hosaholalu → Back Home
  • Total trip distance – 356 km
  • Top Speed – 125 kmph
  • Mode of  transport – Swift
  • Best time to visit – Any day. No rush at all. 🙂
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Cleaning Water Bottle.

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Many of us would use water bottles in office and how many would take it to home and clean it regularly?? Not many i guess.I am certainly not that type. I keep using the same bottle till you have silt in the bottom, then out of blue i realize that my bottle needs to be cleaned. Cleaning water bottles may seem like an easy task to everyone, but the bottles do mysteriously get dirty when we only put water in them.The tough part is to remove the stains present in the bottom. Now the circus starts. Soak the bottle in soap water, use bottle brushes to clean the bottle and after all these you still find small stains in the bottom and sides where the brush cant reach :). Well i have a simple solution to all these and you can do this in office itself. My trick is to add luke warm water, hand soap or rather any soap, bits and pieces of paper and shake vigorously. Paper being good absorbent absorbs all the dirt when shaken and your bottle looks like new 🙂 Make sure that you dry the bottle before reusing it again.

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Filing Tax returns

July 14, 2010 1 comment

Its been a while since i wrote anything. Was kinda hung up with my work and other personal stuffs. All these delayed the filing of my taxes for this year. Its been in my head since last month but never got a chance to do it and to add to my woes my laptop screen is gone for a toss. Need to get it fixed this weekend. Ok coming back to filing taxes, i guess many of software professionals  just pay 200 – 500 to the consultants who come to their office and get it filed without thinking what actually they are doing. I have filed my taxes till date online and its very easy. Here are the steps..

  1. Register yourself in It requires your PAN Number some personal details like email address for account creation.
  2. Login to the same portal using your pan number and password. Go to efiling navigation on the left.
  3. Here you have multiple forms to download and fill it up. Download ITR-1 if you have the income only from Salary. Download ITR-2 if you have a housing loan and rented it. Not sure of ITR-2, can consult the person if you need to do it. 🙂
  4. Ive downloaded ITR-1 Excel Utility. You need excel with Macros enabled. Dont worry there are steps provided in the 1st sheet on how to enable macros on 03 and 07 version of excel
  5. Now is the important part of filling in the details correctly. Have your Form-16 in hand and fill the details properly in IncomeDetails Sheet, TDS and Taxes Paid and Verification sheets. All the required data are there Form-16. Just make sure that you add the PF’s and total income if you have changed the company in the same fiscal year. 🙂
  6. Make sure you validate the sheet before proceeding to the next sheet. Important note is dont copy and paste. You might loose the macros and validation / Generation of taxes will not work. Type it properly.
  7. Once all the details are filled in click on Calculate Tax button on the Income Details sheet.
  8. Go to Taxes Paid and Verification sheet and check if you need to pay any taxes to government. If yes go back to the link given above and click on epayement of taxes. Click on CHALLAN NO./ITNS 280, fill in a simple form and select a bank gateway for paying your tax. Once the tax is paid a cyber receipt is generated.
  9. If you have not done step 8, then skip this step. Go back to the excel sheet and click on TDS sheet. Under section 25 – Self Assessments of tax payment we need to fill in the details like name of the bank, branch, BSR Code, SerialNumber Challan and Amount will all be present in the receipt. Fill in the details and click on calculate tax again. Make sure that Tax payable is 0.
  10. Dont worry if you have refund money. Fill in the bank details and wait for 2 – 3 years for the money to be credited to your account. 🙂
  11. Next step is to click on Generate button which generates an xml file. You need to upload the xml file in the above mentioned portal <> under submit return section.
  12. Once uploaded you will get a mail with pdf file. The password is <pannumber><dob> 🙂
  13. Take a print out of the pdf and send it to Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Bag No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka by ordinary post.
  14. Wait for a week or a month and you will get a e-receipt on your mail. You can get the receipts online also once its processed.

There might be many steps mentioned above but its very easy and try it once. I am sure you will never spend another penny for filing your taxes. 🙂 If you have any doubts call me or ping me ill help you out.

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