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Cleaning Water Bottle.

Many of us would use water bottles in office and how many would take it to home and clean it regularly?? Not many i guess.I am certainly not that type. I keep using the same bottle till you have silt in the bottom, then out of blue i realize that my bottle needs to be cleaned. Cleaning water bottles may seem like an easy task to everyone, but the bottles do mysteriously get dirty when we only put water in them.The tough part is to remove the stains present in the bottom. Now the circus starts. Soak the bottle in soap water, use bottle brushes to clean the bottle and after all these you still find small stains in the bottom and sides where the brush cant reach :). Well i have a simple solution to all these and you can do this in office itself. My trick is to add luke warm water, hand soap or rather any soap, bits and pieces of paper and shake vigorously. Paper being good absorbent absorbs all the dirt when shaken and your bottle looks like new 🙂 Make sure that you dry the bottle before reusing it again.

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