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July 18, 2010

Our destination for the weekend trip was Hosaholalu, a small village near KrishnaRajPet (KRPet), Mysore. Hosaholalu has a hoysala temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Its one of the nicely preserved hoysala temples i’ve seen till date. The walls of the temple are carved with ancient stories and some of the carvings are too real to see.

I decided to pick my mom and sister who had come from pune, so it was a good idea for a small outing.By 9 we were on mysore road heading towards KRPet. On reaching Srirangapatna entrance you need to take a deviation towards right and head towards KRPet. The road leading to Hosaholalu is kinda nice to drive with lot of curves and smooth roads with greenery on both sides. We reached the temple by 11:25 and being a historical monument i was expecting lot of food stalls and plastics all over but was really surprised to see it very clean and well maintained. We spent an hour in the temple looking at all the carvings done on the walls. Cliqued few snaps and was trying with manual mode. Though many of the pics did not come as i expected but was satisfied. By 12.40 we started from there and our lunch pitstop was @ mandya’s Shri haripriya hotel. Had full meals and we were in bangalore by 5.

  • Route : Uttarahalli → Chandralayout → Mysore Road → Srirangapatna → Hosaholalu → Back Home
  • Total trip distance – 356 km
  • Top Speed – 125 kmph
  • Mode of  transport – Swift
  • Best time to visit – Any day. No rush at all. 🙂
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