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Invisible folder..

August 3, 2010 2 comments
No 3rd party tools to hide your personal data.. 🙂
  1. Right Click on the desktop.Make a new folder
  2. Now rename the folder with a space(You have to hold ALT key and type 0160).
  3. Now u have a folder with out a name.
  4. Right click on the folder>properties>customize. Click on change icon.
  5. Scroll a bit, u should find some empty spaces, Click on any one of OK That’s it.
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August 2, 2010 Leave a comment

This trip was on our mind since the start of July and due to cricket and other trips it was getting postponed. 30-July-2010 was the decided date and our plan was to ride on friday night to kodchadri, take the jeep to the top to reach Shankaracharya’s peetha, stay at the cottage on top for night, descend down the next day, head towards kolur mookambike temple and then head back home on sunday night.It was my first night drive and i was worried that i would doze off or hit onto the oncoming traffic.

30-July-2010 : Started from my house by 9.30 and headed towards kengeri to catch the nice road and avoid all the major traffic. On reaching NH-4 we got stuck in a traffic and we were moving inch by inch for about 10 km. Later found out that some truck had overturned and the cause of traffic. Once cleared i took it cautiously on tumkur road and by 6 in the morning we had reached kodchadri base.

1-Aug -2010 : We parked our car near the base and enquired about the jeep to top but due to some court order, the jeep was cancelled and there were no jeeps going to the top since last 3 months.. So the only option was to hike 10km to reach the cottage. Started by 9.30 and we were in the top by 1:30,The climb to the top was superb with thick mist and visibility was so bad that we could not see for more than 10 meters. Fully wet and our jackets soaking wet and shivering,  decided to change but our spares clothes were also damp. Had nice lunch and decided to reach Shankaracharya peetha by 4, but heavy rains, mist and winds forced us to stay back and play dumb charades. The time just flew and the temperature came down. Had dinner and slept there. Though there were some movements near our legs but did not know what was roaming around in the room.

2-Aug-2010 : The sleep was interrupted by the snake in our room :). By 6:30 we were fresh and we headed towards the peetha. Thou it was raining and freezing we packed ourself with wet tshirts and jackets and headed out. The view heading to peetha is picturesque and a sight to see. We were the only ones on the top and stayed there for a while before heading back down. By 1 we were near the car and headed towards Kollur Mookambike temple. A small but very nice temple to visit. Had our lunch (kerala parontha yuk yuk no other options)  and headed towards bangalore. Our only stop was @ shimoga for Masala dosa break. After that it was just continous night drive with speeds reaching 120kmph and lots of overtakings. Reached bangalore by 12 and fell down on the bed for some nice warm sleep. Felt really satisfied with my 1st night drive and i guess i will take up night drives for further trips. You can cover lot of distances and reach faster due to less traffic. Just mind the lorry drivers and be backfooted while overtaking them :). A fun filled packed weekend it was and totally refreshing.. A must visit during rainy season to experience the rains, mist, and lush green nature.

  • Route : Uttarahalli → Kengeri → Nice Road → NH4 → Gubbi→ Arsikere → Tarikere → Shimoga → Kodchadri → Kollur → Back home
  • Total trip distance – 856.6 km
  • Top Speed – 140 kmph
  • Mode of  transport – Swift
  • Best time to visit – Rainy season. :)
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