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September 30, 2010 2 comments


  • Changed the company again. Its my second this year. Made this decision all by myself without consulting anyone.
  • Long nights and weekend working has started within 2 weeks of joining.
  • 46 posts on wordpress since i started blogging 1 year back.

Travel and Sights

  • Not much this month. Just went on a long drive on Mysore road and came back.

Whats new?

  • New job handed me a nice E4300 Dell laptop. Its a pretty compact durable laptop which has blown my HP mean machine in terms of performance.
  • Stanley leather seat cover for my car. Though it was costly and had to wait for more than a year but decided to go for the best. The seats look pretty impressive now and more comfortable.
  • Did a photo book of my wife and it has come out pretty impressive and was worth the money.


  • Bolly
    • We are a family – Total crap movie. Not worth the money. Dont know why people in the theater were so emotional. Me and my wife just made comedy of every scene.
    • Once upon a time in Mumbai – A nice movie. Did not get a chance to watch it on big screen but my 30 inch tv was fine for this.
    • Peepli Live – Could not watch more than 20 minutes. Switched off.
    • Dabaang – Movie made for Salmaan. Total entertainment with crazy one liners and worth the money. After 3 flops on big screen finally got to see a good movie.
  • Sports
    • Did not play much of football or cycled this month. Was too busy with work.
    • Saw fernando take top step of the podium on 2 occasion
    • Surprised to see Berbatov score a hatrick against Liverpool
  • Eat out
    • 1st time went out to Lokaruchi for dinner. The hotel was pretty empty compared to the afternoons. Had a nice dinner and drive back home
    • Greek Oak – friends party and the food was horrible. Lot of pepper on all the salads and the main course was too bland.
    • Roti Ghar – Had butter kulcha and paneer butter masala after a long time and it was a treat for my tastebuds.
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Long sunday drive..

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

My car got a new inside look 2 weeks back and it had never got a spin out on the road. After a year of wait i decided to go for leather seat covers for my black widow (swift). We got a black seat cover with a Stanley logo in white and white lining on the edges. Its got a classy look now yet sporty with the black color. After the makeup of our car we took it out on Mysore road without any intention to visit a spot and a must needed refreshing break for both of us.. It was just a drive for 5 hours on mysore road. That was it..  We drove for about 240km with top speed of 135kmph. On route had “Neeru dose” in Kamat and a “Crazy Cone” near Nandini factory.

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We are Family..

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

It had been a very long time since me and my wife had gone out for a movie. The last adventure was a flop “RAAVAN”. I was busy shifting the company again and my wife had got busy with her college work. Never got a time to spend some time out or go out for a long drive. After settling down in my new adventure,  we decided to first watch a movie on friday and then plan for a long drive on sunday.. I checked out the movies which had got released and came down to Pancharangi or Dabaang or We are a Family.. My wife being a KJ fan and assuming there would be some comedy as the trailers were promising we decided for We are a family. The movie started off with close up shots of Kareena and Arjun Rampal driving an Audi and some exotic locations. Well thats it, that was all the good part of the movie, the rest of the movie was a total crap with crying and crying and more crying. Me and my wife was so bugged that we made a comedy of every sad scenes. A total waste of money. I would say “Raavan” was much better than “We are family” Ill surely do some research before seeing another movie..

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