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We are Family..

It had been a very long time since me and my wife had gone out for a movie. The last adventure was a flop “RAAVAN”. I was busy shifting the company again and my wife had got busy with her college work. Never got a time to spend some time out or go out for a long drive. After settling down in my new adventure,  we decided to first watch a movie on friday and then plan for a long drive on sunday.. I checked out the movies which had got released and came down to Pancharangi or Dabaang or We are a Family.. My wife being a KJ fan and assuming there would be some comedy as the trailers were promising we decided for We are a family. The movie started off with close up shots of Kareena and Arjun Rampal driving an Audi and some exotic locations. Well thats it, that was all the good part of the movie, the rest of the movie was a total crap with crying and crying and more crying. Me and my wife was so bugged that we made a comedy of every sad scenes. A total waste of money. I would say “Raavan” was much better than “We are family” Ill surely do some research before seeing another movie..

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