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  • Changed the company again. Its my second this year. Made this decision all by myself without consulting anyone.
  • Long nights and weekend working has started within 2 weeks of joining.
  • 46 posts on wordpress since i started blogging 1 year back.

Travel and Sights

  • Not much this month. Just went on a long drive on Mysore road and came back.

Whats new?

  • New job handed me a nice E4300 Dell laptop. Its a pretty compact durable laptop which has blown my HP mean machine in terms of performance.
  • Stanley leather seat cover for my car. Though it was costly and had to wait for more than a year but decided to go for the best. The seats look pretty impressive now and more comfortable.
  • Did a photo book of my wife and it has come out pretty impressive and was worth the money.


  • Bolly
    • We are a family – Total crap movie. Not worth the money. Dont know why people in the theater were so emotional. Me and my wife just made comedy of every scene.
    • Once upon a time in Mumbai – A nice movie. Did not get a chance to watch it on big screen but my 30 inch tv was fine for this.
    • Peepli Live – Could not watch more than 20 minutes. Switched off.
    • Dabaang – Movie made for Salmaan. Total entertainment with crazy one liners and worth the money. After 3 flops on big screen finally got to see a good movie.
  • Sports
    • Did not play much of football or cycled this month. Was too busy with work.
    • Saw fernando take top step of the podium on 2 occasion
    • Surprised to see Berbatov score a hatrick against Liverpool
  • Eat out
    • 1st time went out to Lokaruchi for dinner. The hotel was pretty empty compared to the afternoons. Had a nice dinner and drive back home
    • Greek Oak – friends party and the food was horrible. Lot of pepper on all the salads and the main course was too bland.
    • Roti Ghar – Had butter kulcha and paneer butter masala after a long time and it was a treat for my tastebuds.
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  1. September 30, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Made a decision alllll by urself dear ?? wow never knew u have evolved so much 🙂

  2. October 2, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    hi!This was a really wonderful theme!
    I come from usa, I was fortunate to look for your Topics in digg
    Also I learn much in your subject really thanks very much i will come later

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