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Belur & Haleibedu

After Kodchadri back in august we never got time to go on another trip until last weekend. My wife took off on Saturday to enjoy a long weekend but before we slept we decided to go on a trip to Belur & Haleibedu. So after her birthday treat we would leave bangalore by 4 in the evening to Hasan and stay there overnight. So by 4 myself, my wifey, Sachin and navya’s dad were on board and we headed towards Nice road to hit nelamangala. It was a smooth drive without any traffic till hasan. We reached there around 8 and took a hotel room in Sri Krishna. The food is not good there but the stay is pretty good. I just couldnt sleep due to by bad tooth, navya suffering from headache and sachin missing someone i guess could not sleep till 3. Next day by 9 we all were ready to head towards Belur. The road inside Hasan is horrible, but once you reach outskirts, the roads are smooth and curvy. You will surely enjoy the ride with green paddy & jowar fields on either side. On reaching Belur we were warned that photography was strictly prohibited, but on entering the temple we came to know that it was allowed and for my surprise we could capture inside the temple also. The temple is an artistic marvel created during Hoysala dynasty. There is a huge pillar standing without any support on the sides and you can slip a paper below till the half of the pillar. The carvings on the temple walls had various scenes of Mahabharata and dance steps of bharatanatyam. Cliqued few pics using different modes and then we headed towards Haleibedu. The temple over there is totally ruined with very few carvings remaining. There is a lake nearby where we rested for a while and then headed back to Hasan for lunch. After a nice lunch, we headed towards HoleNarsipura. There is a Narasimha swamy temple and a nice hole (river flow) nearby where we could wet our feet. By 4 we started from there and headed towards KRNagar and then reach Mysore Ring road to hit mysore bangalore high way. The traffic was crazy on Mysore road which forced us to stop near mandya for an evening snack. After a refreshing Benne Dose we headed towards bangalore and by 10 we were on bead totally exhausted.

  • Route : Uttarahalli → Nice Road → Hasan → Belur → Haleibedu → HoleNarsipura → Back home
  • Total trip distance – 564.2 km
  • Top Speed – 160 kmph (New K&N filters working)
  • Mode of transport – Swift
  • Best time to visit – Any time
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