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Irpu falls.

February 21, 2011 2 comments

Weekend was approaching and Girish after buying his swift had not gone on a long drive. After googling for 10 minutes we decided that IRPU falls as our destination. The total ride would be around 680km and i guessed Giri would not be comfortable driving that distance in a day. So we started digging hotels to stop @ night and the one which caught my eye was We called them @ 11 in the night and confirmed that 6 of us were coming the next day for a night stay. Our plan was to leave by 2:30 reach the hotel and have fun, next day go on a safari ride , Irpu falls and head back home.

12th Feb 2011.

By 2 my wife had come from college and Giri with his wife had come to my place. Sachin was as usual late and giving excuses and blamed it on Neha. By 3 we decided to leave and i was thinking that can 6 guys sit in swift. It was a bit cramped up at the back but we decided to go in one car and enjoy the drive. We reached Sri mangala our pitstop for the night by 9. Had good vegetarian food and played some darts. Got bored of it immediately and we started off playing bluff..

13th Feb 2011.

We started early in the morning for a drive in search of deers and bison. We were not disappointed as we found few herds of deer and a huge solo bison. We came back had breakfast and started towards IRPU falls. The roads after hunsur road are bad but a very scenic. On reaching falls we had to pay for entrance fee and parking which get donated to a temple (The receipt said that but not sure how much would go for a temple ). The falls was a very neat and nice place in between jungle. The water was freezing cold and we all took turns to get wet. I got a chance to clique some funny pics with freezing water on their faces 🙂 after few snaps and playing in water we headed back to the hotel, refreshed ourselves with hot water bath and some nice food and checked out hotel by 3. The drive back was as usual busy and it never looked like an highway on mysore road after 6. We had few stops for snacks and food and we reached bangalore by 9:30.

  • Route : Uttarahalli → Mysore Road →Ramnagar → Mandya → Mysore Outer Ring Road (turn right) → Head towards KR Nagar→ Hunsur →  Sri mangala→ Irpu falls → Back home
  • Total trip distance – 680  km
  • Top Speed – 100 kmph (New k-series engine is a big NO to swift. Not comparable to my swift)
  • Mode of transport – Swift
  • Excellent road till hunsur and after its bumpy ride.
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