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Mahadevpura & Karighatta

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

22nd April : A long weekend and all the tourist spots around Bangalore were over booked. There was no point checking out places where we had to stay overnight, so we decided to go towards Mahadevpura & Karighatta and come back home.. We packed ourselves and with proper clothing to play in water and left bangalore by 8 thinking majority of the traffic would have left. But we were wrong.. Crossing Kengeri, it was bumper to bumper traffic till Ramnagara. All the hotels on Mysore road were over filled by ongoing passengers and there was no point in wasting time standing in queue to get a table. So we decided to go forward and stop in KADAMBAM.. A small restaurant with tasty Puliyogare, Sihi and khara pongal. The rush was manageable there and we decided to pack our lunch as well there. We continued after having heavy breakfast towards Karighatta. Just before you reach Srirangapatna, you need to take a deviation towards left to reach Karighatta. The hill has a temple devoted to Vishnu, called “Karigirivasa”. A small river, Lokapavani, a tributary of Kaveri flows by the hill. You can reach the top by driving till the top in your car or by climbing the steps. I would prefer the steps as the view is very scenic and a good exercise as well 🙂 After a short stop at the temple we headed towards Mahadevpura.. Mahadevpura, a small village where kavery river flows by and  many movies have been shot here (Aaptamitra). We reached there by 2 and we headed towards water to play. The place was totally empty and we could enjoy ourselves  in peace. After an hour in water, we got out and had our packed puliyogare and headed back home. The drive back was very calm as there were only few cars heading to bangalore and my speeds were touching 150 when my wife was dozing.. In short a very relaxing trip.

  • Route : Uttarahalli → Mysore Road →Ramnagar → Mandya → Turn left just before Srirangapatna→ Karighatta → Mahadevpura → Back home
  • Total trip distance ~ 280  km
  • Top Speed – 150 kmph
  • Mode of transport – Swift
  • Google Map Location (Karighatta, Mahadevpura)
  • Nice roads all the way.. Best time to visit : Summer.
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Tannur Kere

April 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Bangalore summer has come and sitting in home doing nothing on a sunday.. hmm don’t waste your time head out to lakes near bangalore.. To cool ourselves we headed towards Tannur lake, a beautiful fresh water lake surrounded by hillrocks and a stream of water heading towards village where everyone could play. Swimmers be careful as the actual depth of the lake is not yet found. We explored few places near the lake and found a beautiful spot where no one was around. Relaxed  for an hour and then headed back home..

  • Route : Uttarahalli → Mysore Road →Ramnagar → Mandya → Turn Right towards Melkote → Turn left near Mahadeshpura (not sure if the name is correct but need to take left. Ask some one if you are in doubt) → Tannur Kere → Back home
  • Total trip distance ~ 280  km
  • Top Speed – 150 kmph
  • Mode of transport – Swift
  • Google Map Location
  • Few patchy roads once you take a deviation from Mysore road but very scenic.
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