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June 18th: Sachin had his new swift and wanted a long drive on Mysore road, so we decided to head towards Basaralu, as it was near 100+ km and the roads would be empty after Maddur. We started by 11 (a very late start to our trip) packing ourselves with BisiBeleBath, Chips, and 6 ltrs of water. There are 2 ways to approach : 1 through Mandya and the other is through maddur. We decided to go with Maddur route and it was the best route with trees, rice fields on either side and the drive through villages was the best. We had our packed lunch near well and headed towards Sri.Mallikarjuna, Basaralu (History : This temple was built by Harihara nayaka. He was Dandanayaka (in charge of armies) under the Hoysala  King Imadi Narashima. The temple was built in the year 1235 AD for deity  in the  name of his father “Malikarjuna” and a kalyani (Tank) in the name of his mother “Gujjave“) A Hoysala architecture sight at its best. Sadly but true, places like these are much less talked about and appreciated. Thou not preserved as much as Belur,  places like these are a pride to our state. It is a true representation of our rich culture, heritage  and a fine example of architecture of  the olden days. The skill and patience involved in building such masterpieces is just unimaginable. On route back to home we stopped by a stream of water flowing through the paddy fields, played there for few minutes.

  • Route : Uttarahalli → Maddur→ Turn right to reach Koppa → Basarulu→  Back home
  • Total trip distance – 228 km
  • Mode of transport – Swift
  • Excellent roads for the major part of the trip.
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Kurudumale & Aavni

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June 13th : It had been quite a while since the last trip and I had a new stereo system fitted and with all new songs in my pen drive we headed towards NH4. Yeah it was the first time we did not hit the Mysore road or Tumkur road. It was my first time I had to go though the city and reach NH4. So to avoid traffic we started from home by 7 and by 8 we were on Hebbal flyover taking right to head towards kolar. The roads after you cross bangalore were excellent but there were constant 2 wheelers moving in opposite direction and on the right most side of the road. I had to brake quite a few times to slow down and break the speed limit to 140. Heading straight we skipped kolar city and headed towards Mulbagal. On reaching mulbagal we took a left turn to reach Kurudumale. It was a nice slow 10km driving through tomato & mango fields. Kurudumale is famous for the Lord Ganesha temple built by Vijayanagar rulers. The Ganesha is 13 feet tall and is a beautiful idol, sadly though we were not allowed to take any snaps. After few cliques we headed towards Aavni. Avani has a wonderful complex of of Ramalingeshwara temples all within one courtyard dedicated to Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrugna. On the hill Agni Tirtha, a pond, and the Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple are also seen. Since navya had not climbed the hill the last time, she was more than excited to reach the top in spite of the sun beating down . We took few stops and a Monkey to drive us to top. The monkey followed us till the top and was behind us till we gave up and threw a packet of cake to it. Persistence pays guys even monkeys know..  Took a small break on top and started our decent down, had our lunch in coffee day as were too tired and hungry to go 10km to Uddis and by 5 we were back home.

  • Route : Uttarahalli → Kolar→ Mulbagal→ Turn left to Kurudumale → Come back to NH4 → En-route to kolar → Turn left to Aavni →  Back home
  • Total trip distance – 285 km
  • Top Speed – 140 kmph
  • Mode of transport – Swift
  • Excellent roads all the way.
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