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Lake Tahoe

23 December 2012 :  Christmas weekend and I had a chance to be in Palo Alto US for couple of weeks and our plan was to head towards Tahoe and enjoy the snow.

Tahoe trip collage

So early morning at around 4 in the morning, myself and a couple from my office friends were on road to Boreal North of Tahoe. The plan was really simple, drive 210 miles to Tahoe, play in snow and come back the same day as all of us had to be in office on Monday. 50 miles from our destination bad luck hit us and the roads were blocked due to heavy snow and one of the guy near the gas station suggested us to head towards South of Tahoe and try our chances. So our new plan was to head to Sierra resort and the route was to take CA 49 and US 50. The CA 49 route was very scenic and narrow roads leading towards the mountains.  Nearing to tahoe we were greeted with white snow capped mountains, and slippery roads. It was my first drive in snow and I lost control quite a few times. That’s when we decided to put in chains to our tires and installing it was tricky at first but the second one was simpler. After driving in thick snow for 30 minutes we reached our resort and experience snow but there was one big problem – temperatures had reached -10 degrees and none of us had Gloves or caps or sunglasses and we were wearing just a jacket which was not thick enough to keep the cold out but the sheer sight of snow made us go out and play. After few hours in snow it was time to head back and that’s when we had the bad experience of snow. While removing the chain one of the hook got stuck behind the tire and we had to jack the car remove the tire and remove the chain. A big thanks to few guys who had parked right in front of us saw us struggling to remove the chain without any light as the sun had already set. They provided us with few torches and a tire jack tool. After quite a struggle as none of us had experience of removing the tires we finally managed to remove the chains and headed back to our hotel. All in a fun chilled trip.

Route : Mountain View → Sacramento→ Sierra → Back to hotel

Total trip distance : 600+ miles

Mode of transport – Corolla

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