About Bhavish

I am in this lost world since 1984 with short term goals in my head till now. Well its said that you plan for your future, guess i need few more years before i start deciding what ill be doing in future 🙂

So till then ill be achieving my short term goals and having fun.

My friend once had put up a status message – ” Tested and Trusted since 1984″. Its true for me 🙂

Other things i do apart from working in IT from 9 to 6.

1. Lately i have started in shoot photos and i have a pretty decent collection till now.

2. Cycling. Last year my head spun 180 degrees and i decided to go green with nature. So given a chance i pick out my cycle.

3. Travelling. After my marriage i have started to visit places in and around Bangalore. Will certainly expand my range to other countries.

That’s it for now.. If you want to know more have a chat with me. 🙂

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