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Long sunday drive..

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

My car got a new inside look 2 weeks back and it had never got a spin out on the road. After a year of wait i decided to go for leather seat covers for my black widow (swift). We got a black seat cover with a Stanley logo in white and white lining on the edges. Its got a classy look now yet sporty with the black color. After the makeup of our car we took it out on Mysore road without any intention to visit a spot and a must needed refreshing break for both of us.. It was just a drive for 5 hours on mysore road. That was it..  We drove for about 240km with top speed of 135kmph. On route had “Neeru dose” in Kamat and a “Crazy Cone” near Nandini factory.

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1st Eventful drive :(

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Got the keys to my Black beauty on 19th May and my 1st test was to take it out of Kalyani building and connect Nayandhalli junction.. YUK!!! and to my surprise there was just enuff fuel to reach a petrol bunk. So had to drive on Mysore road at Peak hours.. Though i had not driven the car for almost 4 years now it was a easy ride and certainly i had not forgotten how to drive.. 🙂 Managed thru the traffic took a U-Turn and filled the petrol. Me and my wife decided to visit Temple and take the “Drishti” of the car.. Reached Ganesha temple and parked it in one of side roads where there was enuff space for other cars to pass by.. I went ahead and called pujari.. To my horror there was another car parked besides me and a MERU cab trying to squeeze in between.. 😦 As expected that guy did scratched my car and went ahead :'(… uaaaaahhhhh. There is one big scratch on the left door now.. Felt sooooo baaadd…. Felt like kicking my gut and scream out.. To add to this horror the rains never stopped. Had to drive thru all the mud and “koches”. yukkk..
All in all an amazing car to drive with excellent comforts but the scratch.. 😦 Will certainly get it fixed by this weekend.. I dont want a “Panganama” on my car.

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September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Its been a year of purchases.. 1st the laptop, psp , iphone and now swift… wow.. 🙂 Been a lucky recession year for me atleast.. My dream of owning a car and drive it has come to reality now. A new BLACK Swift.. Yippeee… All the wait the money is worth it. Now is the time to have fun in car and let my bike take some rest..

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