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June 27, 2013 Leave a comment

15/July/2012 : The scene was perfectly set with heavy rains during aashada maasa and an early morning start to my favorite Mysore Road. This time the car was heading towards Meenakshipura with Navya’s cousins. As we had visited earlier in the year we were prepared this time with proper food and clothes to play in water. A total of 9 adults and 3 kids were ready by 6 and we were on road with our 1st pitstop @ kadambam for breakfast. Personally, its the best restaurant which serves authentic puliyogare, pongal (both sihi and khara). With our tummies recharged we started heading towards Meenakshipura. Its actually a  KRS backwater.Getting there is a big problem not that the path is difficult, the road is very good but the problem is very few people actually know about it. So if you need the actual map, ping me as its few of the places which is untouched and a quite place to hang out in water. The water over there is not deep with clay at the bottom. After an hour and half in water, it was time to open our packed spicy puliyogare’s. The next moment everyone were arranging mattresses for a small nap which was helped by dark clouds over our head, the cold breeze of the lake.  After a quick nap we started heading back to home with pitstops at Mandya for coffee break and Nandini ice creams on route. With rains welcoming us to bangalore, it was indeed a refresher for everyone.

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